Hello everyone,
i'm sorry, I've been so busy with school lately that i didn't have much time to update. Another thing is that the weather isn't quite good either - it is starting to get dark at about 4pm. and it is freaking cold outside - not the best weather for taking photos, right?

So i thought i will make Monna happy and continue with her little project!! I'm sure she would love you to join as well....

2009 in your closet

1) favourite piece
 My favourite piece are definitely those denim shorts. I've bought them at the beginning of spring and wore them through the rest of the year.

 2) piece you have bought but never put on
I don't think i have one like that.

3) piece you regret buying
Well.. I've bought this white dress i look like pregnant in.. or at least i think so :DD

4) the most recent piece you bough
Those winter shoes. I fell in love with them immediately.

5) favourite accessorize
This spoon and fork necklace!! It is just soooo cuuuute!!! :DDD And ah.. I couldn't live without a scarf!!

6) most worn out piece
I've already mentioned my denim shorts..

7) favourite cosmetics
 My H&M dark brown nail polish. I love nail polishes in general ( would you be interested in some nail art - dunno if i can call it art but still - tutorials? ) but this color just RULES!!!

8) piece you were excited the most about
I've been pretty excited about those awesome high heels!! They are my first heels tall like this ( 11cm ) and i feel like i will never have enough of them!! L-O-V-E!!

9) favorite vintage ( old or borrowed) piece
My favourite vintage piece is my bracelet i found at beach in Brighton. I'm not sure I have a picture of it, but it is made from old english coins.
xoxo L.
P.S. - I've added formspring form to my sidebar so feel free to ask me anything!!

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  1. moc se mi líbí tvé kozačky:)

  2. great post, ilove the knee high boots!

  3. I love the fork and spoon necklace! So cute =)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I love yours

  4. Wonderful time reading this!



  5. Koukám že "ask me anything" se začíná rozšiřovat :))))

    Líbí se mi ty poslední boty! Jenže já bych se na těch podpatcích zabila :(:D

  6. kabátek a kozačky sou super!

  7. for me denim shorts are not for winter.
    i love that skirt combination.

  8. ahh,vypadas jak naka celebtrita

  9. thanks for your comment!! love all this photos!! :)


  10. ach,heels jsou naprosto skvělý...
    já si beztak JEDNOU taky takovy koupim....asi az pujdu do světa..na vejšku(jestli se mi to vubec povede!)

  11. Love your necklace! do my a cup of style! how much?