Sunday, January 24, 2010

I have no idea..

 Shirt - New Yorker, white t-shirt - H&M, denim shorts - Stradivarius, tights - H&M, boots - New Yorker
Hello!! How are you everyone? In Prague we still have a lot of snow as you can see. But because i wanted to show you my new shirt and boots i went outside and took a few photos. I've also been really busy during the whole week, so i didn't have time to post as much as i would like. Hopefully this week will be better. Today is my grandpas birthday, so we are going to have lunch and spend the afternoon with whole family. I have to run. Talk to you soon..

Haha, i think he wanted to help me with my schoolwork..


S. said...

krááná(: ty a andulka.uplně cute:)

S. said...


Flavoury by Mirtillo said...

- na prvni fotce jsem mela pocit ze se koukam na Nikcu, vy dvojcata ! :D

- geografie prumyslu? co tim chces rict, pisem neco? :D

Miss.Brownie said...

aaaa ty botky... kolik tě stáli?? kdy sis je kupovala?? :D

Foly D. Sante said...

suhlasim s flavoury..vy sa naozaj podobate so segrou!!
ta andulka aka zlata:)
s projektom ti velmi pomoct neviem,geografia ma velmi neberie...

WM said...



Taylor Sterling said...

love the flannel!! Amazing!!

Súki said...

Love the boots!
its a shame i never seem to find any desirable footwear when im in H&M :/
and how cute is your budgie ?

Emily said...

Those boots are to die for and they look great on you!

Imke said...
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Lenka said...

Lucko, mám jeden dotaz, který se ale netýká článku..
dnes jsem si prohlížela nějaké starší články na swanky magazine (skvělý magazín, nechápu proč jsem tam nechodila dřív) a viděla jsem jedno video z hor,, tak jsem se chtěla zeptat za jak dlouho jste se naučili jezdit na snowboardu...

Imke said...

Amazing shirt ! ^^
+ You have a nice handwriting :)


PS: Something went wrong with the 1st comment I posted, sorry :'D

The Style Rider said...

Love thats shirt on you! cute boots.

Your handwriting is sooo neat!

check out my blog!

Verča^^ said...

moc krásný outfit:),sluší ti to:)
je to normální skin na iPhone a mám ho odsuď:)

Nathalie said...

It looks really cold over you!

+++ Lilee said...

omg the boots! ahaha great photos!

E said...

What fun pictures in the snow! And those boots and that flannel are just fabulous!

Doll said...

Áá, tady je někdo sebevrah v kraťasách:D

lostincloset girl said...

I kill you hun! These are boots I wanted! Ohh <3

Luczis said...

Thank you everyone for so nice comments!!

Miss.Brownie: boty jsem kupovala v New Yorkeru, stály okolo 500Kč.

Lenka: tak na snowboardu jezdíme tak 5 let. Naučíš se to docela rychle, ale různý blbinky, to už záleží na tom, jakou máš odvahu.

Froso said...

Lovely style darling (I hope you didn't catch a cold without your coat on, I heard it's really freezing in Prague!). Lovely blog, I am following now, so nice to meet you!

R* said...

Jé, ty si úplně kouzelná! Miluju tvoje (vaše) fotky! .))

Laia Chic said...

I ,love your boots!! amazing look!! kiss from spain

Miss.Brownie said...

Sou uplně úžasný ty botky!! :D chcu taky! :D

(always)alanna said...

lovee the plaid. and that bird? absolutely adorable
and gorgeousss blogg- will definitely be back again visiting SOON!

betz said...

lovely outfit! you look stunning dear.


Pia said...

tights and jean shorts is one of my favorite looks :)

Sonya said...

Love this! Super cute boots!! I want!

coookie said...

sluší ti to...boty jsou skvely..a kosile taktéž...
zavidim ti takovyho ukolovyho pomocnika.)

Lin! said...

souhlasím s holkama, vážně jsem si myslela, že je to Nikča, jste úplně stejné! :)

Slanelle said...

nice pictures!

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