The legend of fashion industry, Alexander McQueen took his life today.. I don't want to believe it.. :(


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  1. Hi !!

    Well, first I have to say that I like so so much your Blog, your photos are fantastic !
    We follow you :)

    And I have to say too that I'm so sad because Alexander... he was a great designer :(

    Sorry of my English, I know It isn't so good :(

    Look our Blog, I hope you like it ^^

    Kisses and lots of love from Spain
    Inés <3

  2. Its so sad...I've been seeing this on so many blogs and I just can't get over it. I'm going to miss his creativity and fashion for sure.

    p.s. I love your blog and am following...visit mine and follow if you like :)

  3. pořád jsem si říkala jak byl rok 2009 divnej, až moc úmrtí pro mě poměrně důležitých "jmen".
    nechce se mi věřit že i 2010 začíná stejně.

    šok prostě.

  4. May he rest in peace... he truly was an artist of fashion.