Saturday, January 16, 2010

How are you eveyone?

Hi, how are you everyone? 
This week has been really crazy for me.. everything about school.. and i've been so tired, that on thursday i came from school and slept almost till the next morning, crazy huh? As you can see on the picture, me and my sister have been playing with studs lately. I will show you the outcome when its done. ( hopefully in a few days ) I am really excited about it!!

But there are other three things i am excited about too!! :DD
1) Have you guys seen How I Met Your Mother s05e12 ( it is the latest one ). No? Haha, you should!! I think it is the best episode so far!! And guess who appears there - TIM GUNN!! I just adore him so much...

2) My friend Janka and Miska are throwing a party tonight at Cloud 9, Hilton's sky bar!! I can't wait..

3) My sister won 2 cinema tickets to Sherlock Holmes for tomorrow, so we are gonna go together. Did you see it? Is it good?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.. L.


  1. i saw studs and i got excited :) haah i love studs cant wait till the episode hits my screen i love Tim gunn his so passionate and good at what he does!!

  2. Sherlock Holmes je super film, aspoň mne sa veľmi páčil, dobre som sa zabavila, no bolo tam aj kopec akcie, ak máte lístky, určite to využite a chodťe, bude sa vám to páčiť:)

  3. uuuuuuuhaaaa...tak ten bar vyzera spickovo!!daj report ako bolo,co si mala na sebe atd. atd.

  4. těším se co ste "vyvedli":P
    no jééé sherlocka bych hrozně chtěla jít...jenže to by mne musel někdo pozvat,protože mě se nechce utrácet za lístky:D ale..myslím,že se máte na co těšit! viděla sem trailery,cetla recenze....a asi to fakt bude dobry:P
    kdyztak mi muzes po shlednuti podat tvou private recenzi!.)

  5. HIMYM všichni říkaj,že je to dobrý,asi začnu se sledováním(:
    aaaa..cvočky moje velká LOVE.

  6. bar vyzera luxusne!! Zabav sa aj za mna:-)

  7. Can't wait to see what you do with studs:)

  8. Sky bar je super, užij si to.)

  9. Loove this post, I'm really looking forward to see what you did with the studs! Tell me when you place the pics :)

    xx Birgit

  10. Tim Gunn is sooo awesome!!

  11. tááák...sem konečně koukala na HIMYM!!!a bylo to fakt skvělý....musical-part sem se celou prosmála:D

  12. omgosh thats the episode i missed ? not fair ! i hate work !


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