Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It finally stopped snowing! Yay!! But the bad thing about it is that it is melting now and the streets are full of mess and dirty water.. never mind.
I've been writing the last test of this semester today and at monday they are closing up our grades, so until that i can rest a bit, isn't that nice?
But the main thing, why am i writing this post is to share with you my todays gift - M.A.C cream palette!! About three months ago, i've registered to a site FotoParta, where you can share your "model" photos, meet with photographers and participate in a lot of competitions. When they said that 200 girls are going to win gifts from M.A.C i thought we would get maybe some sample stuff. So today, i went there to pick up my prize and i was so surprised. I could choose from so much types and colors.. really.. it's been like heaven :DDD...
And because today is my sisters ball, i am definitely doing her make-up!!


  1. sorry, ale to je hroznej fejk.

  2. Anonymní: a to prosimtě poznáš jak?

  3. Krasne farbicky! zavidim:-)
    A tychto anonymnych blbov si naozaj nevsimaj...!

  4. we use these make up too!!
    amazing and so good :))
    you look gorgeous on every pics dear, we heart your style!!!

  5. to že řikám něco negativního a že nemám žádnej profil snad neznamená že jsem blb.

    - mac nedává k ničemu takhle štětečky/aplikátory
    - mac nemá žádný hotový paletky s tolika barvama
    - mac paletka by asi měla nějakej název - jako každá barevná varianta, i ty stíny v ní by měly jména
    - mac nepíše na krabičku takovýhle kraviny
    - víčka mac paletek nemaj zrcátka
    - to že jich nějaká pochybná stránka rozdává 200 je taky podezřelý

    hmm...a tak.

  6. Wow! Congratulations!! You and your sister are so beautiful! I love the pictures and photoshoot you did below! xoxoxoxoxo

  7. thats such a great pallete i hope to see you use it in a makeup post soon!!! xx

  8. beautiful palette!

  9. uhaaaaaa..uzasna paleta!!!a este k tomu od M.A.C:)

  10. Congrats to this gift! MAC is great quality and the colours are beautiful!

  11. Nice colours!
    Your blog is so pretty ;)

  12. I'm such a sucker for shadow palettes and this one is awesome!

  13. OMG!!! love these shadows!!!


  14. sorry but it is a FAKE! do a research yourself if you're in a doubt :)

  15. Dear, these are absolutely NOT from MAC.

  16. Luci, tady ses opravdu nechala napálit. takovéhle "color-landy" a "color-langy" (?) byly v Šanghaji na každém rohu (a to ne v prodejnách) ;) to si to fotoparta udělala hezkou levnou soutěž.


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